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Updated 24th January 2021

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 New Trains:- Awful interiors

New trains:- In further developments, we have learned that there will only be one toilet per 2-car train in the new units (There are 2 at present.). The Cambrian will receive the "DMSL" shown at the top of the drawing and the "DMS" second up from the bottom. We were promised consultation but so far none has materialised.


Download a *.pdf file of our latest newsletter. (See below.Opens in new tab)

Railfreight for the Cambrian?
Recently, our commitee member, Angus Eickhoff wrote a short paper examining the case for bringing back freight services to the Cambrian.

You may download a copy of the full text here.
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MINUTES OF MEETINGS (From December 2018)

Minutes of Meetings 2020.

Meeting. March 2020. Shrewsbury

Meeting. February 2020. Caersws

Meeting. January 2020. Welshpool

Minutes of Meetings 2019.

Meeting. December 2019. Aberystwyth

Meeting. November 2019. Newtown

Meeting/AGM October 2019. Machynlleth

Meeting. September 2019. Borth

Meeting. August 2019. Welshpool

Meeting. July 2019. Newtown

Meeting. June 2019. Machynlleth

Meeting. May 2019. Tywyn

Meeting. April 2019. Aberystwyth

Meeting. March 2019. Shrewsbury

Meeting. February 2019. Caersws

Meeting. January 2019. Welshpool

Minutes of Last Meeting of 2018.

Meeting. December 2018. Aberystwyth

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